Office Address

150 West End Lane, London,
United Kingdom, NW6 1SD

Internal Crypto rates
  • Bitcoin$ 4000.00
  • Litecoin$ 50.00
  • Ethereum$ 130.00
  • Bitcoin cash$ 150.00


27th Mar, 2019

New bounty on video and twitter.

Today we have another good news for our investors and partners,as you might have seen ours deposits are still good and we would like to thanks everyone who still putting trust in our compagny. To celebrate this we have put on others bounty,via twitter and for the making of video for our compagny and by explaining work we have made by now,up to 300 dollars can be earned for your hard job by supporting us. Your faithful admin at

23rd Mar, 2019

Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoincash added.

Dear partners As promised,today we have added others cryptocurrencies as: etherum,bitcoincash and litecoin. The fixed rate for those Cryptocurrencies are: $4000 for btc, $50 for litecoin, $130 for ethereum, $150 for bitcoincash. At the start of the next week we will put supplementary bounty for everyone. Stay with us,for more stable profits at 4coins.

21st Mar, 2019

Bounty !!!!!

Dear investors and partners Another day mean another good news with us. Bounty are available for all of ours partners with a active deposit or not,of course others means of payment and others kind of bonus will be accessible in a few days too. Subscribe to the company's Telegram chat . Like the company's official Facebook page . Follow the company's official account on Twitter . Check ours new tab "bounty" on our site.

15th Mar, 2019

New design, plans - Bitcoin added

After more than 50 days of stable profits and remittances,we have very good news for you all,today we are offering news plans, unique design and the opportunity to make deposits and withdraw funds in Bitcoin. All active deposits and account balances have been converted to Bitcoin with a rate of 1 BTC = 4000 USD. Others wallets will be available soon in few weeks and some bounty rewards will be set up for everyone in the futur. As you may have already known our activity goes very well and we are ready to offer you something more efficient and attractive for everyone.At 4coins, we have mastered the art of trading and as the world currencies change in price every second we take advantage of these moves and buy or sell different currencies for a profit. By creating a personal account on the website you agree with the rules of the company and get the right to receive income from the company's activities .there are no looser with us,and a lots of investors have seen the reliability of our team. We just want to remind you that the old plan (1% per day) will still be paid until the release of your main deposit (with a fee of 5%) this plan will not be available anymore for the new investors. as usual,stay with us for long and serious profits.

2nd Mar, 2019

New information for our partners.

Hi everyone,some news and changments from us today. We offer our customers an affiliate program more favorable on three levels 5% - 3% - 2% commission for each deposit received from your referrals until 3 level depth on the deposits made by your referrals. Please visit our Affiliate Page for more detailed information. Stay with us for more stable and sure profits. Admin of

24th Jan, 2019

Opening of

Our website is now fully functional. welcome everyone and enjoy the chance to maximize your profits. We want to thank all our investors who trusted in our company. We promise to make a difference in the investment world.